Monday, December 24, 2012

Lets Start The New Year Off RIGHT!

Tomorrow is Christmas and I'M READY!!!!!! It was a long haul but I made it.  That's right, the tree is up and finally, decorated (thanks to my three beautiful 8 year old granddaughters who took pity on me), all the presents are wrapped, all the holly is hung, all the groceries are purchased, the cookies are made, the fudge is cooling on the counter, and the ham is in the fridge....I DID IT!!!! I know, all of you who have been sitting back for weeks with your feet up and a hot toddy in your hand are saying "wha, wha, wha", and you don't even feel sorry for me do you....well fine then! I'm just gonna have my own hot toddy (well actually, a Big Glass of Wine) and put my own feet up and say my own Thank You Jesus!!!! Seriously, thank you Jesus, for my good fortune to be here in this place doing all the things I love with all the people I love....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

OKAY, It's a New Year Soon so lets get ready to POSSESS NEW STUFF!!!!!....AND DO I HAVE STUFF FOR YOU...I MEAN REALLY GOOD STUFF....JUST TAKE A LOOK-SEE  (did I just say look-see?? where are people from who say look-see...Mars, Jupiter, South Dakota?)

Lets start this New Year with something Spectacular!  This Triple Strand Necklace is made with Hyacinth and Topaz Swarovski Crystals. Two of the strands are sculpted with a Fiery Tangle of Red and Gold. Each Fire Ball and the Earrings are crafted with 5 Crystals in each!  The center strand is accented with  Swarovski Crystal Rondells.  OH MY GOODNESS!
Fire $145

Sterling Silver and Crystals $72.00
This unique one of a kind necklace and earrings are made with Sterling Silver double chain on one side and Sterling Silver hand sculpted swirls with Swarovski Crystals and Aqua Double Flowers on the other.  The Single Flower Pendant has Swarovski and Crystal dangles with Sterling Silver chain.

This is one of my FAVORITES!  It is designed with Smokey Quartz Crystals and Sterling Silver accents on one side and Beautiful Turquoise along with the Smokey Quartz Crystals and Sterling Silver accents on the other.  The center focal piece is Sterling Silver Plated carved ball. 
Sterling Silver, Smokey Quartz and Turquoise $115

 More Turquoise meets with Smokey Quartz Crystals. The Beautiful Pendant is designed with Sterling Silver and a Large Turquoise Rectangle lined in Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver, Crystal Quartz and Turquoise $145

Sterling Silver and Blue Crystals $75
 Sterling Silver handcrafted chain with beautiful Blue Crystals.  The Pendant is hand made with Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Hand Crafted Chain with Hand Sculpted  Leaves and clasps on the side.  Threaded through the chain and the leaves is a Silver Thread dangling a Large Swarovski Crystal.
Sterling Silver Leaves and Swarovski Crystals $65

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Friday, December 21, 2012


It's almost Christmas...DUH it's December 21st....are you ready????  No, you say!  Well let me recommend a few options for you:   1) Do nothing, no one will remember by the time next Christmas comes around...if they do just unfriend them!; 2) not walk, to Big Lots. There is stuff there you never thought existed and will amaze and surprise all who receive your special favors! (or they will just re-gift them); 3) It's too late to go to an internet site and order something for that someone special you forgot until the last minute, (are they really that special if you forgot them until now??) you are soooo screwed; 4) Okay, you are desperate...go ahead and order from (especially if you live in Phoenix)((the shipping warehouse might be just down the block from you)) and if it doesn't get there in time, just blame it on the inept shipping department...who's gonna know???? 5) Order from The Queen's Design and I WILL DELIVER!!!

If you are all ready for Christmas and the packages are all wrapped, the holly is all hung, and the tree is all decorated, I hate you! How did you get this way....are you even human??????


Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's All About The BLUE!

Today it's all about the BLUE JEWELRY!!!!

Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring with Swarovski Rivoli Crystal
Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring with Swarovski Rivoli Crystal $95

India Dichoric Glass  $83
This beautiful India Dichoric Glass necklace is linked together with blue crystal flowers.  The Earrings are made with Sterling Silver and Etched Shell

Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli $120
 Sterling Silver Handcrafted chain with Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Pendant.  The Hoop earrings are made with Sterling Silver and Lapis.

Sterling Silver and Blue Crystals $93
Handcrafted Sterling Silver chain with Blue Faceted Crystals.

Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals $40

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Awesome Girl Weekend!

I had a most stupendous weekend!!!  I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning with my three BFF's for a girl weekend.  If you haven't ever had a girl weekend, do not pass go, do not waste time, call them NOW and set one will thank me later.  It is.....Awesome! Cathartic! Rejuvenating! and just plain Wonderful!  We made AMAZING food and opened the wine each day before noon, and laughed our a** off for two days. Oh, in between all that eating, drinking, laughing and OK..just a teensy, weensy, tiny little toke (but I swear, I didn't inhale), we had the most incredible massage out on the patio by our own private masseuse.  OK, I know you are saying why didn't I invite you...... sorry, but next time, you are sooo in! 

Have you had a stupendous girl weekend? If so, tell me about it.  I'm pretty sure you can't top mine!...but maybe you just had to be there. 

I am so rejuvenated that I am posting two blogs tonight!  Hope you had an Awesome week-end!

I found this on http://collectingvintageandcontemporary and I couldn't pass it up yyuummm!

Cream Cheese and Strawberry Snowmen.These are just too adorable not to share for  Strawberry Snowmen.

1 lb large strawberries
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
3-4 Tablespoons powdered sugar (or sugar substitute - to taste)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Rinse strawberries and cut around the top of the strawberry. Remove the top, (enough for a hat). Clean out the whole strawberry with a paring knife, if necessary (some of them are hollow already. Prep all of the strawberries and set aside.
2. In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla until creamy. Add cream cheese mix to a piping bag or Ziploc with the corner snipped off. Fill the strawberries with cheesecake mixture.
3. Once strawberries are filled, top with the 'hats.' Decorate according to photo.
4. If not serving immediately, refrigerate until serving.

recipe compliments of Countdown To Christmas on Facebook. 

Now Lets put on some AWESOME jewelry and invite some friends over to eat these pretty little Strawberry snowmen!

This unique necklace and earrings is definitely a conversation piece! It adjusts from 19" to 32". The chain is handmade of quality handpolished Copper and Mosaic Chips. The pendant is also handmade and adorned with beautiful Mosaic Stones. The second pendant at the bottom is Jasper.  People will stop you where ever you go to ask you where you got this necklace.  Just tell them The Queen sent it to you and then give them my blog site address and I will take real good care of them.
This necklace is so easy to wear. The chain is handmade of quality hand polished Copper and adorned with different lengths of sticks dressed in Copper beads. The Pendant is a beautiful hammered disk. Passers-by can't help but notice and comment on this fun unique piece. The Copper earrings are a beautiful repeat of the necklace.

 Handcrafted Sterling Silver Chain with Beautiful Blue and Turquoise Faceted Crystals and River Shell embelishments.

Sterling Silver Chain with Green Crystals with a
Waterfal of Sterling Silver and green  Crystals

 This hand polished Hammered Copper Collar can be easily formed to your neck.  The crystals that dangle from the loop are crystals the color of peridot.  They stand out like an oasis in the desert.... admirers won't be able to believe their eyes.  The beautiful earrings are wrapped in shiny hand polished copper adorned with peridot colored crystals to compliment the necklace

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's all about the Coconut Oil and THEN the Jewelry!!

Since I started using this Coconut Oil as a face and body softener, my skin is like velvet (and I am no spring chicken so velvety skin is major!)  I got this Huge container of Coconut Oil from my local Costco's for around $24.00.  Here are more great ideas I found on line.
  • Use it as the base for a homemade body scrub
  • Use to condition your wooden cutting boards. Use as a super conditioner on your hair; apply to dry hair, leave in as long as possible and then shampoo as normal.
  • Use as a styling agent if you have really dry hair. Just rub a tiny bit on your palms and apply to your hair and style as normal.
  • Keep a little container in your purse for lip balm and on your bathroom counter for dry skin.
  • Make healthy Magic Shell ice cream topping.
  • Use a tiny dab on your underarms for a natural deodorant. (This totally works!!)
  • Use coconut oil instead of shaving cream.
  • Add to your bath tub for a moisturizing soak.
  • Use as a makeup remover.
  • Use it to help sooth chicken pox, shingles, or other rashes or skin irritations.
  • Use it to treat athlete’s food, ringworm, or other fungal or yeast infections.
  • Add a spoonful to your smoothies for extra nutrition and flavor.
  • Use on the delicate tissue around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles and sagging. (Oh Yeah!)
  • Use as the base for homemade toothpaste or lotion.
  • Use in place of massage oil.
  • Use on your baby’s diaper rash or cradle cap.
  • Use to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or to prevent stretch marks.
  • For nursing mothers, use coconut oil on your nipples to prevent cracking and irritation.
  • Apply to bee stings or bug bites to soothe and heal the wound.
  • Women can use in the nether regions to relieve yeast infections, dryness, and/or discomfort. (This works!)
  • If you’re prone to nosebleeds, coat the inside of your nostrils with coconut oil regularly.
  • Helps soothe and heal hemorrhoids.
  • Use as the base for homemade vapor rub.
  • Mixed with peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, or tea tree oil makes an excellent insect repellant.
  • Mix with baking soda for a non-toxic “Goo Gone”.
  • Use as a metal polish, but always test a small area first.
  • Use as a leather moisturizer.
  • Season your cast iron pans.
  • Use to oil your pans and baking dishes instead of pan spray.
  • Got gum stuck in your hair? Try using coconut oil to remove without cutting your hair.
  • Use instead of WD-40.
  • Use as a personal lubricant (not safe with latex).
  • Take a spoonful to help with heartburn, acid reflux, or indigestion.
  • Use as a natural sunscreen.
  • Mix with a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice and use as a furniture polish (always test a small area first!).
  • Mix with butter and toss your popcorn in it.
  • Use on cracked or rough heals to help smooth them out.
  • Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them.
  • Use as the base for homemade chocolate candy (like peanut butter cups.

Now that we are all BEEUUTIFULL! Lets Put On Some Awesome JEWELRY!

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Chain with Swarovski Crystals.   The Pendant is Hammered Sterling Silver and Black Faceted Glass
Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystals $120

Handcrafted Sterling Silver chain with Citrine Quartz nuggets

This beauty is made by weaving Swarovski Crystals into circles with Swarovski Tear Drops as accents in the center of each circle.  The earrings and Clasp are made with Sterling Silver.  OH so awesome!
Aqua Swarovski Crystals $71

Citrine Nuggets $85
This amazing set is made with Triple Strands of Citrine Quartz Nuggets and Glass. This piece is naughty nice...if you know what I mean.

Art Deco Sterling Silver $60
This "Art Deco" necklace is made with Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver Plated chain.  The Red Glass Faceted Bead is a beautiful focal point that grabs the eye.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Do You Think Of My New Look??

Wow! what happened here??  I decided I needed to spice things up a little...OK, alot.  If you like it, let me know; if not, don't.  Just kidding, I value your opinion (sort of).

Check out this blog! It is amazing!  This is a most amazing website that I found on Pinterest.  It has tons of great ideas and tips for just about anything you could ever want.


This necklace will stop traffic! It is a mixture of different sizes and shapes of Swarovski Crystals intermingled with different lengths of sterling silver plated chain. The Sterling Silver earrings are a repeat of the necklace. No picture of this piece can do it justice. You must believe me when I say, Spectacular, Awe Inspiring, Stupendous, Drop Dead Gorgeous! The Queen NEVER lies. $125


Sterling Silver and Cobalt Blue Crystals
This Sterling Silver Necklace and earrings are made with beautiful Blue Crystals on a handcrafted Sterling Silver chain. The Sterling Silver looped "S" is hand twisted and sculpted to make a perfect piece that you can wear with just about anything.  $74

This gorgeous set is made with Turquoise crystals with a sterling silver plated etched bar and Swarovski Crystal Heart that is the focal point of this set. The style is beautifully classic! The Sterling Silver earrings are a repeat of the necklace $64

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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Party

The party is over!!  What party you ask?  You remember, I invited you.......or did I?  OK, I'm sorry I didn't invite all of you but maybe next time. It was a lovely....I mean lively party.  Lots of people, lots of oohhs and aahhs about my FAAABULOUS Jewelery, and nice sales numbers too.  Thanks to all of you who were there....and I am now I'm letting go of the RSVPing thing.  Seriously, it was wonderful and I appreciate everyone who purchased one of my pieces and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

TIP of the day:  A recipe for homemade insect repellent that I found somewhere I can't remember, but it works.
15 drops of Lavender Oil
10 drops of Citronella Oil
3–4 Tbs Vanilla Extract (homemade if you have it)
4-5 Tbs Lemon Juice or 5-10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
INSTRUCTIONS:  Mix all of the above ingredients in a spray bottle and fill the rest with water (or a mixture of water and vodka). Isn't it wrong to put vodka in a mixture that you can't drink?

I love that this is all natural.  Let me know if you make this and if it works for you.

Time For The Bling!
Sterling Silver with Abalone and Swarovski Crystals $95
 This stunning Bracelet is adorned with different size and shapes of Blue Crystals and Abalone Shells.  Each Sterling Silver squiggly link is hand sculpted and adorned to create a truly unique design....some may even call it regal! Only 1 Black Crystals Left.

Hammered Sterling Silver with Amethyst Chips Collar Cuff $120
This unique Sterling Silver necklace and beautiful earrings will make you feel like you are wearing a precious gift.  This gorgeous Tree of Life is hand sculpted with the branches canopied in beautiful purple amethyst chips. Imagine yourself sitting under this tree feeling safe and happy.  Imagine a loved one wearing this beautifully crafted set as a testament of the best times you have shared.

Hammered, Polished Copper Hearts and Swirls $80
This amazing Copper Hearts and Swirls Bracelet is made with beautiful hand polished, intricately handcrafted and wire wrapped Copper  

Hammered, Polished Copper Collar Cuff with India Dichoric Glass $125
This set includes a stunning Hammered Copper Collar Cuff with beautiful India Dichoric Glass and earrings to match.  This piece will fit your neck like it was made just for you.  The pendant sits perfectly at your d'ecolletage.  It will look amazing at a baseball game or the opera!

I would love your feedback